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Sparham Village Community Help Group - Coronavirus

In the light of government advice and in the interests of people in our community, we have a plan in place to assist the elderly and vulnerable in our village in whatever way possible.


A group of volunteers will provide a network and be able to assist with:

  • Picking up shopping  

  • Posting mail  

  • Collecting prescriptions

  • Assisting with pet care  

  • A friendly phone call  

  • Any other urgent needs.

The Primary contact is Tracy Hughes on 01362 688257.

The intention is that we have a buddy system, this will enable you to have a regular contact so that your needs will be met wherever possible. This will also ensure you know who is going to help you and when to expect them.


Anyone wishing to register as a Volunteer please contact Tracy on 01362 688257.

If you need help, or think you might need help in the future, please contact:

  • Rob or Tracy Hughes on 01362 688257, or

  • John and Anne White on 01362 688918, or

  • Rick Sealy 01362 688948, or

  • Gill Page 01362 688379, or

  • Cecile Pons 07951 596101.

Please leave voicemail messages if no one picks up the telephone, saying your name and your contact number and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

This is a Village wide initiative for the benefit and well-being of all residents.


Information will also be published on the notice board at the village hall.

Coronavirus is contagious.

Avoid physical contact – 2m distance.

Wash your hands regularly.

Stay at home. Items should be left on doorstep.

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Covid 19
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