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The Village Green

The parish was kindly donated the land adjacent to the Old School Room by David Sayer as a community contribution as part of a planning application.


This area is now managed and maintained by the Parish Council. It is used for parking for OSR and Church events and the annual garden fete has also expanded out and now uses the area too.


The wall has been stripped of ivy and we are building up a reserve fund to rebuild a section that has collapsed. In addition, the fencing around the OSR garden has been replaced and upgraded.


The Wildflower Project

Wildflowers 3.jpg

We have some seeds left over to top up the areas over the next few years as well as offering small packets to interested parishioners who wish to have a wildflower patch too.


Please contact us at if you would like a packet seeds, September would be the recommended time to sow . 

The second stage of the Wildflower Project for the Village Green in Sparham is complete. We were fortunate to have the optimum weather and some extra helpers.  We are hopeful that the extended area will have a similar success as last year’s patch. 

Norfolk Community Foundation will receive an update and photos next month, as requested when they provided the grant for this project. 

Wildflowers 5.jpg
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