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The Dereham  bus service in Sparham, the service 80, is operated by Our Hire. The bus picks up at 0958 every Friday from the phone box opposite the church. 


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A funding application was submitted to the National Lottery for a wildflower area of interest to be made on the Village Green in May 2021.  However,  more support from residents in the Parish has been requested to take the application to the next stage. 

During the pandemic local natural space has become even more significant, it is hoped that by creating a wildflower area on the Village Green it will both serve as an additional place in the Village to visit as well as contributing positively to local wildlife and their habitat. 

It is also of benefit to the local wildlife providing additional resource including nectar for bees and other insects. There is already a small, dedicated wildflower section in the Churchyard, this is being monitored to ensure that local habitat is considered in the project plans. It is hoped by doing this it increases its chance of success. 

Please complete a quick online survery regarding your views:

In the meantime, any questions, ideas and queries please contact:


Mobile Library

The Mobile Libraries are back out on the road.

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Don't Forget Your Toothbrush

The Sparham Red Phone Box is a mini recycling point and you can now leave any brand of empty toothpaste tube, used toothbrush/electric toothbrush head and packaging or dental floss container and packaging at the new collection point in the red phone box opposite St Mary's Church. These will be collected on a regular basis, from where they'll be sent to Terracycle for recycling.

Please make sure items are thoroughly cleaned and as much toothpaste as possible has been removed from the tubes.

See the picture for what is accepted into the programme.

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